Gentlemen! Is your lady nagging you to get your hair cut and that beard trimmed? Fear no more! Good Fellas Barber in Ħaż-Żabbar is definitely THE place to go!

The Team Behind The Good Fellas Brand!

The shop, opened in August 2017 by the Argentino brothers, is located opposite the Lourdes Petrol Station in Hompesch Road. Parking is usually available infront of the shop or just round the corner.

Andrea & Gianluca Argentino may only have set up the shop 2 years ago, but its gone on to become nothing but a hit. Visit when you please, this shop is always popping.

As soon as you enter, the hip hop & rap music is always on! And you can wait on their luxurious sofa with the shop’s security guard, Faith! She’ll cross-examine you when you enter! But don’t worry, she likes everyone…Usually…

Faith The Security

And when it comes down to the skills, boy do these boys know what being a barber is about! They give you a personalised service, making you feel like literally, THE king.

So guys, when you’re in need of that fresh look, you know where your stop is! Forget about distance! If you want to be treated like a king, there’s only one place to go!