Instagram: One Of Malta’s Top Instagram Bloggers Destroys Society Labels In One Post

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Too fat, too short, too tall, too skinny, too much make up, you need more make up, be more girly, be more boyish. We’ve seen this and still see this in society till this day. Being pressured by the public to become socially acceptable has been going on for years and persists till this day, with labels being thrown around if one does not follow the public code of looking good. Life has become more important to some on how others look at them rather than how they treat themselves.

One Instagram model however, Danita Camilleri, has taken her opinion online and absolutely shredded anyone who uses labels to punish someone for being too fat. Danita, who at the moment is waiting for her boy to be born, called out society for being a ‘dog’ when piling pressure on obese woman so much that during pregnancy, the beauty of carrying a child is not appreciated.

Danita’s post on her highly saught after account, onechickandayorkie

In her own words, she mentions how society makes women who are going through pregnancy feel ugly and fat. She explains how it is expected to still look thin, still wear high heels and keep on wearing the same style clothes only because of what society prescribes as acceptable. As part of her post, Danita hit the nail on the head when she mentions the following;

“That is society, everyone cares about the way the look and the most important and beautiful things in life are forgotten”

Do you think we have problems in our society when it comes to public shaming & labels being put on others? Let us know in the comments below!

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