Most people flock to Comino on a hot Summer day to enjoy the vibrant clear waters of Blue Lagoon BUT what most people don’t know is that to their West lies a beautiful beach called “Crystal Lagoon”.

This bay is definitely a sight for sore eyes! With its blue waters and pretty coves, it would make anyone tempted to dive right in. Hence why it’s so popular with the divers so don’t forget to take your snorkelling gear. Crystal Lagoon is a bit different when compared to other swimming spots in Comino as it is completely surrounded by steep cliffs which give it even more charm. One can also find a semi-collapsed cave, making it the perfect instagrammable spot. It is fairly easy to get to by swimming.

For all those diving enthusiasts, one can also find the P31 shipwreck. The vessel was previously used by the Armed Forces of Malta and it is the only wreck found around Comino. The boat was sunk deliberately in 2009 to serve as a diving site and has since become a very popular spot for divers. The top part lies just 7m deep from the surface!

One can easily take a the scenic route from Blue Lagoon and walk straight for about 10 minutes to reach the panoramic viewpoint. From there you can see the famous Santa Maria Tower against some epic background.

Another possibility is to rent a canoe from Blue Lagoon and paddle over to Crystal Lagoon. This also gives you the opportunity to explore nearby caves. There is also a jetty where boats pick up people but it is not very ideal to swim there.

One must note that there are no facilities in this site like food trucks, toilets and lifeguards on duty.

The only downside (?) is that the most convenient way to reach this bay is by boat. Many boats anchor here and thus can get crowded really fast. But hey, who wouldn’t want to jump in the crystal clear water under the hot summer sun?

The ideal day to visit Crystal Lagoon is when the wind is blowing from the East. Aaaaaand don’t forget the sunblock 😎