Paceville: 10 Hilarious Steps We All Went Through When Paceville Was Fun

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It’s Friday, you’re just back home from school and you put your feet up on the sofa just to release all your weekly tensions away. As you rest your head on the back of the sofa, your phone rings. It’s your pushy friend asking you if you’re in the mood for alcohol and a good night out at Paceville. Your first reaction is no, today I’m just gonna relax. 30 minutes later, you’re getting ready for another alcohol & story filled night with your best friends. And you’re off to your night out, knowing just how bad you are likely to mess yourself up. Here’s just how nights out at Paceville used to be, ‘back in the day’.

Step 1

As soon as you are convinced from your friend, the first thing you do is start preparing yourself mentally for the state you’re probably going to wake up tomorrow. But that’s no problem, it will all be worth it in the end. I mean, no great story started with a salad.

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Step 2

You start to panic & start getting ready. As you go in the shower, you know that you’re coming back in a much worse state than you are. But hey, you start scrubbing, get out, start doing your hair & choose your clothes. You always have to look your best right?

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Step 3

You’re all set. Your friend arrives and you hop in that taxi (As we used to call it, mom or dad) and off you go on your adventure. As soon as you arrive, you’re all hyped, stepping off just infront of Baystreet feeling like the king or queen of Paceville.

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Step 4

It’s still 10Pm, too early for Havana. You know you have a choice to make, it’s either Sabor, Hot Ice, Chequers or Plush. And Hot Ice it is, since they offer the cheapest alcahol & all of your friends and their underaged friends were.

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Step 5

It’s time. It’s 11:30Pm, just the right time to start your way to Havana. As you walk in a group, that underage youth was always present with a sense of determination to get in. You all know though, he or she isn’t getting in.

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Step 6

You arrive, you’re infront of Havana and you’re in the queue. You approach Tony, hand him your Id & just as you know you’ve hit 17, you’re in. You make your way up the stairs and Chris Brown’s voice saying ‘Aaayyoooo’ is making you shake your body all around the club, half drunk on your Hot Ice vodka coke.

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Step 7

Your night kicks off with ordering your bottle of vodka with your mixers at the side. Usually, that coca cola bottle is always there, as a safety measure. But there’s always that one in the group ordering Red Bull’s as a mixer, spicing up your washing machine of a stomach as much as possible.

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Step 8

The party’s just hit it’s peak. 2Am. Someone has to go to the toilet and all of a sudden, it’s just one person left to look after all the drinks and bottles. As you make your way through the crowd, pretending you don’t mind that someone is rubbing up against you trying to get to the same destination, you realise just how hard this journey back is going to be.

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Step 9

You’re back and you’re partying harder than ever before. Finishing up that bottle like there’s no tomorrow. And just when you think the party’s not over, the lights come on & the music turns down. You’re wasted, so you just keep on dancing acting as if nothing ever happened. Then, Tony comes over and gently tells you to leave while guiding you down the stairs, as you pretend you’re not drunk while walking out infront of the awkward police just infront of the club. You start making your way to the taxi stand infront of Burger King, convincing your friends that it’s not gonna be too expensive.

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Step 10

Now you find yourself negotiating with the Taxi driver for a better price than €50 to drop you off at Naxxar, Mosta and St Paul’s Bay. You finally nail it down to €40 and you all get in the taxi, preparing yourself to hold your vomit in as you know you’re in for the ride of your life. As you drive through and you arrive home, you slam the door shut and give the peace sign over to your friends as you stumble to your door, satisfied about one night you pretend you won’t forget.

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Occasional Events

There’s always that guy with the eye piercing ready to get into a fight, and just when the night’s going well, he’s there ready to take on his challenger to make sure that his status of the scariest dude in Paceville remains strong. People pretend to know him, just as an attempt to scare an aggressor away.

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The guy at the bottom of Edge trying to give you free tokens and guaranteeing you the sexiest women in the world was by far the most annoying person in all of Paceville history. But let’s face it, a night without him annoying the hell out of you was just not the same.

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How were your nights at Paceville back in the day? Let us know below!