Siggiewi might be one of the most underrated towns in Malta!

Spending a day in this town, one can easily fall in love with it’s old charm and rustic nature. Whether you’re a tourist or not, there are plenty of sites to visit. Most will easily tell you go to “Ghar Lapsi” or visit the “Big Cave”, locally known as “l-Ghar il-Kbir” or even their local Church dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari. But, sometimes the things that are overlooked are the most incredible sights to see!

Xaqqa Cliffs (also known as Xaqqa Valley) are a stunning rock formation that leaves one wondering as to how they could have developed their unusual form. Not to mention the stunning light blue water surrounding them.

You’ve probably passed by these cliffs and didn’t even notice!

They can be found on the right hand side on your way down to Ghar Lapsi. Whilst making your way to one of the most popular swimming spots in the southern part of Malta, stop by the side of the road and make your way towards these cliffs. You should be able to spot them after you pass by the quarry.

These cliffs are a popular spot for abseiling and thus makes it the only safeΒ way to reach the bottom. It must surely be an experience of a lifetime to get to scale down the sides and see such utterly beautiful scenery whilst doing so.

Another way of reaching this spot is by boat and although the best perspective is from above, one can take a dip in that crystal blue water and discover the hidden underwater world with some snorkelling gear. So win-win right?

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