The pit bull breed may not be the most publicly searched for breed around. But one thing’s for sure, their loyalty is second to none, especially when it comes to protecting their family and the ones close to them.

A story broke out in Orlando USA, where Zeus the pit bull gave his life to protect the children of his beloved owners. On Monday, the family’s two children were outside cleaning Zeus’ water bowl together. Unaware that a coral snake was close by one of the boys, Zeus jumped in and attacked the snake. He was unfortunately bitten 4 times in the process.

Zeus was rushed to a vet in Ocala following his heroics. Initially, the vet thought that the 8 month old pit bull would recover from the bites sustained. Unfortunately however, Zeus passed away the following day with his loving family & his mother Sega by his side to say their last good byes.

The story has drawn an incredible amount of public attention. It has been shared thousands of times on social media and has even made the news in the US on Fox35. The family urged the public to think twice when coming across an aggressive pit bull, saying it would only mean that the dog was not treated right. They labelled the breed as the most loving breed of all, having had a number of different animals.

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