Vote: These Are The Top 5 Rap Artists In Malta Right Now 🔥

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Whether you are a fan of rap or not, you know how hard it is to put two sentences together that rhyme and send a message at the same time. Try putting in over 50. Let’s face it, even if you don’t like rap, you admire people that have this extraordinary ability to put together verses that deliver meaningful messages. For those of you who grew up in the Eminem era, you know quite well how big rap is. As for those who lived through Tupac, Eazy E, Diddy, Snoop Dog & Co, well, you’re just the luckier bunch.

In Malta, the rap genre has been growing over the years with artists coming out with original work that could potentially make it big one day. We’ve found Malta’s Top 5 rapping artists and listed them for you in no particular order to enjoy.


Name: Isaac Vassallo
Age: 22
Years Performing: 10 Years
Style: Rap/Hip Hop
Best Track: Silence

Zac is a 22 year old rapper from Malta with bars that can make your head roll. He may have a small portfolio of songs, but we guarantee that once you hear his work, you will get hooked.

Check out Zac’s Youtube Channel


Name: CJ Cordina
Age: 23
Years Performing: 9 Years
Best Track: Black

ONE11 is one of Malta’s longest standing rappers, placing his tunes online with hits nothing short of incredible. We’d recommend going to his Youtube channel and checking his work out for yourself. We promise, you’ll be amazed! ONE11’s first EP is also expected soon, so keep a look out.

Check out ONE11’s Youtube Channel

Eddie Fresco

Name: Lydon Borg Bonaci
Age: 21
Years Performing: 3 Years
Best Track: Gucci Links

Eddie Fresco is one of Malta’s most prominent rappers, with online hits reaching numbers higher than 20,ooo views. Eddie may be the rapper with the least experience from this group, but with the way things are going for Eddie, it’s only a matter of time until his dream of making a name for Malta abroad comes true.

Check out Eddie Fresco’s Youtube Channel


Name: Claude Agius
Age: 25
Years Performing: 10 Years
Best Track: Mela Tlaqna

You’ve probably come across Il-Lapes’ music atleast once in your life. Maltese rap may still be a work in progress, however with this kind of music being placed on the music scene, it’s only a matter of time until the entire country gets behind such unique local talent.

Check out Il-Lapes’ Youtube Channel


Name: Rhys Bezzina
Age: 24
Years Performing: 4 Years
Best Track: Freestyle

Rheez’s music is on the uphill. Period. The man himself has delivered work in a unique way, also promoting work with Maltese athletes along the way. It will be interesting to see where Rheez goes in the future, with his work proving promising on more than one occasion.

Check out Rheez’s Youtube Channel

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