You could be a home owner or on a look out for a property. These images of property prices in Malta just a mere 10 years ago will have you cringing.

It is shocking to see prices have literally doubled, if not tripled, for some of these properties. A penthouse in Sliema. I repeat. SLIEMA. This penthouse’s asking price was a mere โ‚ฌ164,714. This number looks ludicrous in today’s market. Anyone who could have predicted today’s prices would have purchased it in a heartbeat.

The shocking fact in all of this is that it has only become harder to purchase a property & raise a family. The weight of all of this price influx is being loaded onto youths looking for properties who now need to work harder than ever to achieve such a milestone.

What’s your take in all of this? Do you think purchasing a property has become almost impossible for youths? Or do you think we do not really have a problem in Malta?

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