Watch: Someone Call Spongebob 🧽! Malta Is Infested With Jellyfish! 😱

By September 18, 2019 No Comments

We may find ourselves in September, but going to the beach in Malta is still popular with the current weather. If you’ve been at sea or on the beach this summer, you’ve most certainly come across a jellyfish or two. For some, it is nothing to be scared of. For others, it’s a terrifying experience to even attempt jumping into the sea.

Videos & images caught from viewers onboard the Gozo Channel shows a large group of fried egg jellyfish just off the Cirkewwa terminal. Commonly referred to as ‘Tal-Lampuka‘ due to obvious resemblances in colour to the Lampuka fish, it usually appears from the end of August to the beginning of October in our waters.

Growing to a diameter of around 30cm, this type of jellyfish does not sting at the touch. They may look dangerous and creepy, but all they do is float around, literally.

Have you seen the fried egg jelly fish in our seas? Let us know below!