Are we too quick to judge?

By August 28, 2019 September 9th, 2019 No Comments

On a daily basis, we see people complaining about a service or product they have received from a company. It’s almost become our daily dose of entertainment to watch people and companies go toe to toe over a Facebook rant. To us it may be entertaining, however sometimes, it can damage a company very, very badly.

When someone posts a negative review or comment online, it is true that there is a good percentage of Maltese companies which either choose to ignore the complaint or simply accept it without providing the right outcome to the upset client. However, it is wrong to put everyone in the same pot.

“Customer service has always been a controversial issue in Malta”

There are many companies in Malta which take their customer service very seriously and when such comments or reviews arise, they jump at the opportunity to showcase just how important the client is to them. However, this sometimes backfires as people who aren’t even involved and know nothing about the story are quick to comment and condemn the company, sometimes even warning against their use without even making use of the company they are speaking about themselves.

Customer service has always been a controversial issue in Malta. But sometimes, we might need to take a step back and see the outcome before we express our emotions online.

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