Is Maltese Motorsport On The Rise?

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Whether your like going sideways or in a straight line as fast as possible, if you’re a petrol head, this topic is as soft to you as a mother’s child. Although Malta does not facilitate a racetrack, something the government has promised to be down within its pipeline, we boast a range of incredible talent of both drivers and mechanics.

We have the great Monty Bugeja, who incredibly won the FIA Top Methanol Championship in 2012 championship, was the first Maltese person to ever grace an official top ranking FIA championship win. If you don’t know how big of a deal this is, FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) is the governing body of pretty much all modern motorsports ranging from Formula 1 to Drag Racing and Rally Cross. It is truly the pinnacle trophy any driver in any discipline would love to achieve.

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Monty Bugeja and his then held time record at Santa Pod Raceway in the Uk

Then, we have growing talent within the same discipline of drag racing, with upcoming driver Manuel Galea of Apap Bros Racing Team, still in his young 20s, already driving a 6 second car. The team may have not achieved the 6 second barrier as of yet, however it is clear that the car will go into that margin any time now. We also boast Matthew Carabott, son of Joe Carabott (Owner of Mr Whippy Racing Team) who has since replaced Monty.

Manuel Galea on the Apap Bros Racing Team dragster

When we look at our only racing track in Malta, the ASMK (Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi u Karozzi), one does not need to look distantly to know that we have raw talent in our Maltese motorsport industry. The incredible duel between Terence Azzopardi and Melo Zammit went on until the penultimate race where Melo claimed the national championship. In the B Finals, there was an epic battle at the beginning of the season between 3 drivers, Theo Micallef, Joseph Spiteri & Nicolai Aquilina, with Spiteri emerging the eventful winner at the end. It is important to keep an eye out on Aquilina though, who shocked everyone when he won the first two races he had ever competed in.

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Melo Zammit and Gordon Johnson battling it out at the Ta’ Qali race track

Then we can turn to Hill Climb, where we know for a fact that the incredible talent of Keith Camilleri is one of Malta’s biggest prospects. It will be interesting to see where Camilleri ends up, as he has already been abroad testing race cars which we can only dream of seeing one day in Malta.

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Keith Camilleri racing at the Mellieha Hill Climb Event

Do you think there are any drivers worth mentioning in Malta which deserve a shoutout? Is Malta’s motorsport becoming bigger day by day? Do we deserve a racetrack?

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