Whenever we feel like we need to complain, our first thought is to go on social media. The Maltese population however has diverted that thought to one specific Facebook group, The Salott or Are You Being Served. Both groups are fall under the ‘RUBS’ brand.

The famous groups have over 50,000 active users each, with posts posted by the hundreds every day. Unhappy customers of local business take their anger to both platforms to vent over bad experiences or recent purchases. Positive posts however, are usually scarce.

Although these groups have had a positive impact on customer experience, as companies know how easy it is for a customer to share an experience these days, people have become somewhat over-reliant on the groups.

Some posts seen on the groups also ask for advice for people wanting to avoid to pay for a specific service from a professional. DIY has become Others went as far as asking for medical advice in hope of an expert seeing the post.

The truth of the matter is that the group has become an over-reliability to some. When taking into consideration how detrimental incorrect healthcare advice can be, these kind of posts should be monitored. Although adding convenience, such groups put at risk the jobs of professionals and the reputation they carry with them. The wrong advice can easily lead to a very forgettable experience.

Facebook groups have been on the rise ever since it’s birth in 2004, although the feature only came available in 2005. With groups revolving around hobbies, news, blogging and many more, the platform is fundamental for people with a common interest to share their opinions.

In Malta however, the trend is ever growing to trust comments on these groups by strangers.

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