If you’re a burger fanatic, than you need to make sure you tick Sticky Fingers in San Ġwann off your list! The burger bar is located just off the Tal-Balal roundabout. And boy, do they cook good?!

I’ve been there. More than once actually. The vibe is so positive. From the moment you walk in, you know you’ve walked into burger heaven. The aroma of freshly cooked beef and steaming buns will make your mouth water in seconds.

The Porcini Burger

Then comes the best part. The MEGA menu with the MEGA burgers! Whether you like your burger with a lovely home-made mayonnaise sauce or a simple cheeseburger, they’ve got it. And they’re all so juicy. My personal favourite was the Jaw Breaker. All I can say about this burger is it literally makes your jaw shake. The buns are soft like clouds and the beef is tender as butter. And don’t even get me started on the juiciness!

The Jaw Breaker

Their fries are amazingly fresh! And they’re served in the most satisfying round plate you could look at, with your To-Die-For burger smack in the middle.

Whether you’re taking your afternoon lunch at work or popping over for a quick pick up, this place is definitely THE place to go for your burger!

Check out their crazy menu! Just make sure to control yourself. It might get a bit, sticky!

Have you been there? Let us know in the comments below! 🍔