Big news was released from the IPTV world that Xtreme Codes has been raided by police and is now offline. The guide below will help you understand better what Xtreme Codes is and how you may have been effected.

What is Xtreme Codes?

Xtreme Codes is an IPTV software package. Anyone could buy the Xtreme Codes service and start their own IPTV company at home. Xtreme Codes provides media streams and resellers are in charge of creating the web interfaces and acquiring users to their service. The channel providers are often hidden and out of site and the resellers usually carry liability and large risks.

What Happened To Xtreme Codes?

On September 18th, Police in Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Malta moved to seize servers operated by Xtreme Codes and people affiliated with the operation.

Following the raid, all Xtreme Codes panel and backend servers and social media accounts were taken offline. All servers were seized during the operation.

In total, 181 servers were seized, 30 of which were main servers and the rest “re-broadcast” servers.

The entire investigation took 3 months and started in Italy when one reseller was caught selling subscriptions of Xtreme Codes IPTV services. Police used information from that reseller to locate and find other Xtreme Codes resellers and operators.

Am I At Risk If I Subscribed To An IPTV Provider Which Used Xtreme Codes?

When the Xtreme Codes servers were seized, it included all administrative infrastructure data for most IPTV services in the world. This means that police are in possession of IP addresses and customer data of all customers and all servers with illegal streams used by all IPTV providers.

This means that police can look at the IP addresses of all stream servers stored by Xtreme Codes and they will know the exact IP addresses for channels by most IPTV providers worldwide.

Which IPTV Services Are Offline?

We don’t want to call attention to any IPTV services in particular, but if you use IPTV and don’t have streams today, there’s a high percentage that it was using Xtreme Codes as its backend.

It is expected that other service providers will shut down in the foreseeable future as police look through administrative data and identify IP adresses of other resellers and services.